As a Journalist

Labour Kisan Gazette
Towards the end of December 1923, Singaravelar began editing the fortnightly joural "The Labour Kisan Gazette". It served him well to popularize the objectives of the Labour Kisan Party

The Objectives of the Labour Kisan Gazette
The objectives of the Gazette were to work for the freedom of workers and farmers; it would strive for workers unity and would firmly be rooted in the principles of communism.

The British government watched the Singaravelar carefully. An extract from his speech made at the Gaya congress meet estabilish him as an outspoken critic of the capitalists:

"Rich men, beware! Influential men, beware! Remeber our sorrow and hard work. The working class has given you all the good things in this world; but you have sidelined them. Remember that the Indian Labourers have woken up. They are gaining an awareness of their rights step by step.

Thozhilalan Weekly
Singaravelar also started the Tamil weekly "Thozilalan", which he continued to publish. He wrote in it about the struggle of workers in India and in other parts of the world. He explained the causes for labour revolutions and provided the labours an awareness to remain united.